ToolClad Magnetic Tool Covers

By Modern Workbench Products

Have you ever spent a day scouring the rust off your table saw, band saw, scroll saw or jointer? Are you concerned with silicone spray protectants that can ruin your finish?  Do you have limited workspace in your shop and have you used your tool's top as additional space for layout, glue-up, and assembly?  Have you ever worried about spills and dropped tools and what they might do to your expensive tool's table?

Now there's a solution to these problems! Introducing TOOLClad™, the magnetic tool cover.

I have the table saw ToolClad cover. When my saw is not in use it gets the ToolClad cover. I have not had to clean rust off the table and I like the protection it affords the table. I don't worry about scratching it if I lay another tool on it. The ToolClad makes a nice extra work surface. You don't have to worry about getting glue on your saw table or anything else. The charts printed on the cover really come in handy. I'm going to get covers for both my band saw and scroll saw. - See more at: