ToolClad Magnetic Tool Covers

By Modern Workbench Products

Modern Workbench Products is a company located in Watertown, Minnesota, and whose mission is to provide useful solutions to the everyday problems that face professional and hobbyist woodworkers. Our goal is to offer you, our valued customer, great products that will make your time in the workshop more productive.

Our newest product, TOOLClad™, emerged from our own experiences and frustrations with table saws. First, we spent countless hours cleaning and waxing them, trying to keep corrosion at bay. Then, we found ourselves frustrated by the floor space that they took up when not in use. After brainstorming several solutions to each of these problems, we came up with an idea that solved both. With TOOLClad™, we can now protect our saws from corrosion and have additional workspace—all in one perfect product.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us.