ToolClad Magnetic Tool Covers

By Modern Workbench Products

The 20" x 20" magnetic band saw cover protects your cast iron or steel table from humidity, spills, and damage.

magnetic band saw cover

- $21.95 Includes Shipping!!


Helps prevent rust:

  • Keeps out humidity
  • Protects against spills
  • Rain from the garage door
  • Moisture from pets or pests

It's a Dry-Erase board:

  • Sketch out ideas
  • Write out cut lists
  • Make notes
  • Keep tabs on projects

Its Magnetic! Adhears to the band saw table surface:

  • Will not slide
  • Create additional workspace
  • Great for glue-ups since glue will not stick

Loaded with indispensable reference information:

  • Band saw Blade Guide
  • Blade Teeth Chart
  • Minimum Blade Radius
  • Blade Length Calculations

Easily modified to fit your saw. Use the printed background grid and your utility knife or scissors to cut it fit your bandsaw's table and blade. Unlike silicone sprays, the ToolClad will not interfere with you finishes!