ToolClad Magnetic Tool Covers

By Modern Workbench Products

The 28" x 44" magnetic table saw cover protects your cast iron table saw or steel table saw.

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Helps prevent rust:ToolClad Table Saw Cover

  • Keeps out humidity
  • Protects against spills
  • Rain from the garage door
  • Moisture from pets or pests

It's a Dry-Erase board:

  • Sketch out ideas
  • Write out cut lists
  • Make notes
  • Keep tabs on projects

Its Magnetic! Adhears to the tools surface:

  • Will not slide
  • Create additional workspace
  • Great for glue-ups since glue will not stick

Loaded with indispensable reference information:

  • Drill tables
  • Geometric formulas
  • Deluxe protractor guide
  • Wood hardness charts
  • Pilot hole guide
  • Other valuable woodworking information

Conveniently rolls up and stores away compared to bulky tarps or covers. Easily modified to fit the safety guard.